Ultimate Marine Ladders
Help accidental swimmers exit the water quickly, safely, and unassisted.
Our stainless steel ladders are perfectly attachable to inflatable and hard side dinghies.

Welcome to Up-N-Out

Welcome to the home of Up-N-Out Marine Ladders, by Scandia Marine Products! Up-N-Out’s unique interlocking rung system creates a rigid ladder once extended, yet it can be quickly collapsed for compact, out of the water storage.

Unlike conventional straight boarding ladders, or cheap flexible rope ladders, Up-N-Out Marine Ladders have a rigid outward curve once extended. This makes it much easier for a swimmer to mount from the water because the ladder naturally extends out from the side of your dinghy, dock or boat.

  • Natural Outward Curve Makes It Much Easier To Mount & Climb
  • Extends Rigidly A Minimum Of 24″ Below Water Surface

Up-N-Out’s unique interlocking rungs make the difference. Each rung is carefully formed from solid stainless steel, then interlaced with the next rung. Once the rungs are extended, they form a rigid ladder with a graceful outward curve.

All Up-N-Out Marine Ladders Feature:

  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Collapsible For Easy Storage
  • High-visibility Mounting Plate

Up-N-Out ladder applications include:

  • Dock – Floating Docks, Piers, Sea Walls, Cabin Docks
  • Dinghy – Inflatable or Hardside
  • Boat – Custom Sailboat and Yacht Ladders, Transom Ladders, Ladder Extensions