Ultimate Marine Ladders

Dinghy Ladders

Up-N-Out dinghy ladders are designed for use on either inflatable or hard-sided dinghies, as well as small to mid-sized boats. Constructed of solid 316 stainless steel, they can take the harsh marine environment and will not fill with water like hollow tube designs.



dinghyladdertextpic1Compact Design Installs Quickly

Up-N-Out’s unique interlocking rungs allow our dinghy ladders to be quickly compacted, deployed and stored.

  • Easily Compacts For Storage
  • Extends Rigidly into Water
  • Installs Using Existing Connection Points
dinghyladdertextpic2Solid Stainless Steel Construction

Up-N-Out’s interlocking rungs are solid stainless steel. They cannot fill up with water like other dinghy ladder designs and create a rigid ladder that extends well below the water surface.

  • 100% Solid 316 Stainless Steel
  • Won’t Retain Water When Stored
  • Extends at Least 24″ Into Water
  • 10″ & 12″ Step Rise Available
dinghyladdertextpic3Sturdy Wide Rungs

Up-N-Out dinghy ladders incorporate sturdy wide rungs for a positive foot-hold.

  • Easy On The Foot
  • 3M Safety Walk For Safety
  • 2″ x 6″ Treads
dinghyladdertextpic4Comfort Grip Handle

Up-N-Out’s carefully positioned handle provides a firm hand-hold for any swimmer exiting the water.

  • Provides Sturdy Hand Hold
  • Wood Construction Gives Firm Grip
Accessories Included

Included with every Up-N-Out dinghy ladder model:

  • Storage Bag
  • Installation Line