Ultimate Marine Ladders

Dock Ladders

No one should drown at the dock! Whether for a floating dock, pier or fixed dock, Up-N-Out Dock Ladders are designed specifically for marina safety use. They are easily self-deployed by any swimmer.



Stores Up-N-Out of the Water

Up-N-Out’s unique interlocking rungs are designed to stow out of the water to eliminate water contaminate build-up.

  • Ladder Stays Clean & Ready
  • Corrosion Resistant All Stainless Steel Construction


Universal Mounting Plate

Up-N-Out’s unique universal mounting plate works on almost any dock configuration.

  • High Visibility Yellow
  • Printed-on Instructions for Swimmer
  • Mounts in 5 Minutes with 2 Screws & 2 Bolts


Rigid Natural Outward Curve

Up-N-Out’s unique interlocking rungs create a natural outward curve once deployed. This makes it much easier for a swimmer to mount.

  • Outward Curve Makes it Much Easier to Mount & Climb Because it’s Away from the Dock
  • Extends Rigidly A Minimum of 24″ Below Water Surface


Tide Trip Lines

With the use of our Tide Trip Line, Pier models can be used in areas with up to 3′ tides or docks that are far above the water. The swimmer simply pulls the line to release the ladder, then climbs out of the water.